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Automatic Table Reorganization in #Exasol

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One Exasol key feature is the low maintenance effort it has compared to many other database systems. Automatic Table Reorganization is an example for this approach:

SQL_EXA> open schema adam;
EXA: open schema adam;

Rows affected: 0

SQL_EXA> create or replace table t1 as
         select rownum as id from (select 1 from dual connect by level<=1e6); 
EXA: create or replace table t1 as... Rows affected: 1000000 
SQL_EXA> select table_name,table_row_count,delete_percentage from exa_user_tables;
EXA: select table_name,table_row_count,delete_percentage from exa_user_tabl...

----------- --------------------- ------
T1                        1000000    0.0

1 row in resultset.

Yes we have CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE in Exasol </p />

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