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I’m not spamming your blog comments!

confused-panda-303949_640It has come to my attention that there is a new website in town that happens to have a URL extremely similar to mine. Literally one character different. The domain in question was registered on 3rd November 2015.

Let me first say, the site in question does not contain any of my content (*see update*) and as far as I know is not doing anything wrong from a content perspective. The reason I am writing this post is to protect myself.

Spam Poetry

Here is a spam comment that I thought deserved publishing in its entirety but without the spam links. I hope you all enjoy the lyricism as much as I did. Incomparable Blog. I tot up this Blog to my bookmarks.Thanks for alluring the in the nick of time b soon to examine this, I lean [...]

Cunning way to thwart spammers…

I wrote the other day about the level of spam I was having on my forum. I did a little playing about and all seemed to calm down. In fact the forum got very quiet indeed. It was quite pleasant not having to worry about it.

Anyway, today I got a little suspicious as I had no posts at all. I tried to write a post myself and got a server error. It seems the last switch I flicked on the control panel tried to do something my hosting provider doesn’t allow and blocked all posts.

So my cunning plan turned out to be not so cunning afterall… :(

Let’s see if the deluge starts again…



Spam: The ups and downs…

Managing spam forum posts, blog comments and website comments drives me to distraction at times. Having said that it sometimes has its up side.

This morning, whilst clearing a bunch of spam posts and comments I threw my toys out of the pram and declared to everyone present (nobody was in the room with me) that I’m through with the internet and I’m turning everything off. Fast forward a few hours and a couple of new spam comments arrive, both of which were relevant to the threads they were posted on and almost seemed useful and mildly insightful. In fact, the only thing that distinguished them as spam was the posters URL. One was a dieting site and one was a heamaroid treatment. The latter made me giggle (yes, I am that puerile) so I will not divorce the internet quite yet.