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5 Year Anniversary (5 Years)

It’s just occurred to me that I’ve just recently past the 5 year anniversary of when I started this humble little blog !! My first real post on Invisible Indexes was written back on 11 December 2007. Some 256 posts later and I’m still here, posting occasionally on Oracle Indexes with as many David Bowie […]

250 Posts !!

WordPress reported that my last post on Exadata Storage Indexes was my 250th !! Who would have thought …

Back At Oracle Corporation (The Return Of The Thin White Duke)

I’ve been very quiet on the blogging front lately, so apologies for that. One of the main reasons is that after a period of nearly 10 years, I’ve decided to take up a position back at Oracle Corporation as a “Principal Solutions Consultant” in sunny Canberra. So things have been rather hectic, finishing up in [...]

The Dark Side Of The Moon Immersion Box Set

It’s Father’s Day here today in Australia and because I’ve naturally been a really really good Dad all year, my family have given me a real treat for my present this year, the Immersion Box Set of the Pink Floyd classic, The Dark Side Of The Moon (although unfortunately, I have to wait a couple of weeks for [...]

A Few Random Notes

Just a few random notes. Oracle Mix have the Oracle OpenWorld 2011 Suggest-A-Session again this year with lots of good presentations as always. Follow the link to vote for my Q & A session on Oracle Indexing. Jonathan Lewis has an interesting quiz on Oracle Indexes in answer to a question from the OTN forums: “If I delete [...]

The Best Goal Ever !! (Fearless)

Australia (and Canberra specifically) had recently been suffering from two very long and difficult droughts. One had been a severe lack of rain, which left dams at record low levels. After many years, this ended earlier in the year with rain aplenty and with local dams at long last back at 100% capacity. The other drought however [...]

Time (Hanging On In Quiet Desperation) !!

UPDATE: My first presentation at OpenWorld on Sunday “Session S318615: “IOUG Oracle Indexing Tips, Tricks and Traps” is now FULL. Hopefully you have already pre-registered although sometimes with these things, the presentation might be moved to a bigger room. For those of you who may have been wondering why it’s been so quiet here lately, [...]

World Cup, Insync10 and Coming Index Block Dumps

Well after a month of watching the World Cup during these long cold Canberra nights, my beloved Spain have finally, at long long last, after years and years of bitter disappointment and despair, have deservedly won the World Cup !! Iniesta, you legend, you will never have to buy a drink ever again, whenever or wherever you walk [...]

Collaborate 2010: Here I Come (Red Money)

Just a short note to say I’ll be attending and presenting at next weeks Collaborate 2010 Conference in (hopefully) sunny Las Vegas. I’ll be presenting my latest version of Oracle Indexing Tips, Tricks and Traps which was a big hit when I presented it recently at the Hotsos Symposium.  Details are: Session ID: 302 Date: [...]

New Additions To My Blogroll

Thought it was time to update my blogroll with a couple of new additions. Both Charles Hooper and Randolf Geist have provided excellent advice and information on the OTN forums for quite some time and both have excellent blogs that are well worth checking out. They’re also both co-authors in a new Oracle book I’m keen to get [...]