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NoCOUG changes its name (Happy April Fools Day)‏

The board members of NoCOUG meets in closed session to discuss the continuing decline in memberships and conference attendance.(read more)

OT: YesSQL Summit 2016 Picture Diary

YesSQL Summit 2016 sponsored by O'Reilly and Axxana was held by the Northern California Oracle Users Group on January 26–28 at the Oracle conference center in Redwood City, California in conjunction with BIWA Summit 2016 and Spatial Summit 2016. The grand raffle prize sponsored by O'Reilly was a full pass to Strata + Hadoop World on March 28–31 in San Jose, California. Save 20% on Strata + Hadoop World conference passes with discount code UGNOCOUG. YesSQL Summit will return to the Oracle conference center on January 31, 2017.(read more)

Fourth International NoCOUG SQL Challenge (teaser announcement)

The Fourth International NoCOUG SQL Challenge will be published in the May issue of the NoCOUG Journal which will be available at at 9 AM PDT on Monday, May 11 . Here's a sneak preview:
How Romeo Won the Heart of Juliet Fourth International NoCOUG SQL Challenge
Once upon a time, Romeo, the son of Montague, told his cousin Benvolio that he was in love with Rosaline but she was not returning his affections. Benvolio sang a song by the...(read more)

It’s Conference Season!

My favorite mode of life is being busy doing something that I enjoy and that I know, beyond a doubt, is the Right Thing to be doing. Any hour I get to spend in that zone is a precious gift.

I’ve been in that zone nearly continuously for the past three weeks. I’ve been doing two of my favorite things: lots of consulting work (helping, earning, and learning), and lots of software development work (which helps me help, earn, and learn even faster).

I’m looking forward to the next four weeks, too, because another Right Thing that I love to do is talk with people about software performance, and three of my favorite events where I can do that are coming right up:

Excited about NoCOUG Winter Conference

NoCOUG is hosting its winter conference next week – On February 11th.
As usual, we’ll have the best speakers and presentations ever. This time I’m extra happy because two of the speakers that are going to be there, Dr. Neil Gunther and Robyn Sands, are there because I was wowed by them in a previous conference and asked our Director of Conference Programming to invite them. And they agreed! I believe it is the first time that either of them presents at NoCOUG and I’m very excited about this.

I’m sure I don’t need to introduce Robyn Sands to any Oracle professional – She’s an OakTable member who talks a lot about the right ways to manage performance. She is very scientific and precise but she gives very practical advice that is very applicable.

Dr. Neil Gunther is a well known performance expert. So well known that he has his own Wikipedia article. I first ran into his work when I did performance testing work, something like 6 years ago. From his articles, I learned the importance of having performance models without which you cannot interpret your results and know when your tests were faulty. I ran into him again when Tanel Poder mentioned that Dr. Neil Gunther is now doing work that will be relevant to Oracle professionals. He appeared in HotSos few years back and now we get to see him at NoCOUG – with both a keynote session and a technical session. He invited the crowds to ask questions at his blog, so you can participate.