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Latin American Oracle User Group

Webcast: Under the Hoods of Cache Fusion for LAOUG and NZOUG

Many thanks to all those who attended my webcast - Under the Hoods of Cache Fusion - for the Latin American and New Zealand Oracle User Groups on July 22nd, 2010. I'm sure the user groups will host the recording of the event on their websites. As I mentioned in my call, you can download the scripts I used here.

I hope you have enjoyed the session and found it useful. As always, I appreciate your feedback, critique and suggestions. You can either post here as comments or send me an email at

Webcast for Latin American Oracle User Group

Thank you all those attended the websession today for LAOUG. It was a great honor to be the first speaker in the virtual conference series. Many thanks for inviting me, Francisco. I'm also looking forward to the next three I am supposed to deliver.

For those who attended, you may want to download the scripts at