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HOWTO: Viewing XML data in V_$CELL_% storage cell SYS views

Got a small question from Frits if I could help him make some XML data readable in one of the SYS.V_$CELL_% / V$CELL_% views. I have been a bit busy, in between jobs, to try to make some of those XML columns more readable anyway (for myself and others) so…lets have a go at it. …

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OOW 2012 – XQuery Update (HOL)

As promised, hereby the Hands-On Lab Oracle OpenWorld XQuery Update example statements. The following XQuery Update code will work from Oracle database and upwards and is fully supported from this version onwards. For more information see some of the blogposts here on this site or the OTN XMLDB forum for more examples. The code …

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oracle in /etc/init.d

Just for my own reference Based on Tim Hall’s “dbora” post, but a little bit more to my licking, /etc/init.d/oracle (fna “dbora”). For info about the how/what/why, have a look a Tim’s post. Use “chkconfig” to install and set run levels in Linux. Use prio 97 97 so it will always start before or shutdown

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Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12.1 – Agent Installation, Issues and Solutions

Currently busy for a client to install and configure Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c for database and more administration across the globe. These environments were configured and setup by a different 3rd party so not always follow our wishes and administration guidelines. You can imagine that such environments are also a neat environments regarding learning curves

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XMLTYPE datatype and ORA-22992

Anton has a small but informative post on LOB handling across database links and avoiding a possible ORA-22992. I was not sure if XMLTYPE’s, CLOB based storage or Binary XML (Securefile) storage had the same limitations and/or in need of possible workarounds. So the best way to be sure is of course too just to

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HOWTO: Using the Oracle XMLDB Repository to Automatically Shred Windows Office Documents (Part 1)

People who have attended the UKOUG presentation this year where Mark Drake, Sr. Product Manager XML Technologies / XMLDB, Oracle HQ, and I demonstrated the first principles of the XDB Repository, might have been impressed with its (GEO/KML Spatial, Image EXIF info) capabilities combined with Google Earth. This post will zoom in on how to

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HOWTO: XDB Repository Events – An Introduction

Oracle XMLDB Repository Events, IMHO, was one of the coolest functionalities introduced in Oracle 11.1. In principal they are a kind of event “triggers” that get fired during actions / methods on objects in the XDB Repository. One of the disadvantages of this functionality is that they are very “sparsely” documented in the Oracle XMLDB

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HOWTO: Implement Versioning via Oracle XMLDB

Since a long time, the database has had some versioning capabilities, long before features like “Edition Based Redefinition” in Oracle 11gR2 appeared. This versioning, via XMLDB functionality, is based on its XDB Repository access to the database. The XDB Repository is a file/folder metaphor that acts as a file server. You can enable this functionality

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HOWTO: Consume Anydata via XMLType (and back)

This was a small mind exercise on the OakTable website (OakTable Challenge)for a person regarding how to go from a relational table to anydata datatype table and back, which I, of course, approached via an “XMLType” of way thinking. Probably the whole thing is not that practical and/or can be optimized in various ways, but …

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Oracle XMLDB Sample Code

This week Mark Drake, Senior Product Manager Oracle XMLDB, put up a new page on Oracle OTN with some great code examples and utilities demonstrating Oracle XMLDB functionality. Among others, the latest code for Mark’s XFILES XMLDB demo application version 5, Introduction to Oracle XML DB Repository Events, Basic Introduction to Oracle XML DB, …

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