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Virgin Media Customer Service…

I have two big customer service rants coming. This one is related to Virgin Media and the next one will be about SCAN. I’ll hold back on the second one while I wait to see if they do the right thing.

I had Virgin Media installed on 9th March and I am completely happy with the cable broadband service, but they were unable to take on my phone line because of capacity issues. That resulted in a complete mess over the billing of my service because of the way Virgin Media process discounts on bundles. I contacted customer services and after a lot of messing about the billing situation was resolved to my satisfaction.

A few weeks later I was notified of my first bill and it was completely wrong. I got in touch with customer services and after a very long time the issue seemed to be resolved AGAIN, but I was told I would be contacted by midday the same day for confirmation by a manager. It is now 6 days later and I’ve not received a call. In that time I’ve been phoning trying to get it resolved.

I’ve just got off the phone and I’ve been assured it is sorted now, but I know it will all be a steaming pile of poo next month when the bill is sorted again.

Each person I’ve talked to has been fine, but the whole process and the systems involved are terrible. It stinks. In no way can this be called good customer services. It is a complete nightmare.

Sometimes bad customer service is because the people answering the phones are morons. Sometimes it is because the procedures and systems they are working with are idiotic. It comes to something when the person on the other end of the phone is unable to tell you how much you will be charged because the systems they are using are so convoluted with a variety of possible discounts that may or may not be applied…

So in conclusion, Virgin Media customer services is a festering pile of donkey crap…




Maxine Johnson

I want to introduce you to Maxine Johnson, assistant manager of men's sportswear at Nordstrom Galleria Dallas. The reason I think Maxine is important is because she taught my son and me about customer service. I met her several months ago. I still have her card, and I'm still grateful to her. Here's what happened.

A few months ago, my wife and I were in north Dallas with some time to spare, and I convinced her to go with me to pick out one or two pairs of dress slacks. I felt like I was wearing the same pants over and over again when I traveled, and I could use an extra pair or two. We usually go to Nordstrom for that, and so we did again. After some time, I had two pairs of trousers that we both liked, and so we had them measured for hemming and picked them up a few days later.

A week or two passed, and then I packed a pair of my new pants for a trip to Zürich. I put them on in the hotel the first morning I was supposed to speak at an event. On my few-block walk from the hotel to the train station, I caught my reflection in a store window, and—hmmp—my pants were just not... really... quite... long enough. Every step, the whole cuff would come way up above the tops of my shoes. I stopped and tugged them down, and then they seemed alright, but then as soon as I started walking again, they'd ride back up and look too short.

They weren't bad enough that anyone said anything, but I was a little self-consious about it. I kept tugging at them all day.

When I hung them back up in my closet at home, I noticed that when I folded them over the hanger, they didn't reach as far as the other pants that I really liked. Sure enough, when I lined up the waists, these new pants were about an inch shorter than my favorite ones that I had bought at Nordstrom probably four years ago.