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Oracle ADB: rename the service_name connect_data

By Franck Pachot

Since Aug. 4, 2020 we have the possibility to rename an Autonomous Database (ATP, ADW or AJD – the latest JSON database) on shared Exadata infrastructure (what was called ‘serverless’ last year which is a PDB in a public CDB). As the PDB name is internal, we reference the ADB with its database name is actually a part of the service name.

I have an ATP database that I’ve created in the Oracle Cloud Free Tier a few months ago.
I have downloaded the region and instance wallet to be used by client connections:

Oracle ATP: MEDIUM and HIGH services are not for OLTP

The Autonomous Transaction Processing services HIGH and MEDIUM are forcing Parallel DML, which can lock the tables in eXclusive mode.

This may seem obvious that the TP and TPURGENT are for OLTP. But when you know that the service names are associated with Resource Manager consumer groups, you may think that high priority use cases should run on the HIGH service. However those LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH services were probably named when ADW was the only Autonomous Database and it is not directly obvious that they are there for reporting only, or maybe for some batch operations.