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Agile is Not a Dirty Word

While I was writing Brown Noise in Written Language, Part 2, twice I came across the word “agile.” First, the word “agility” was in the original sentence that I was criticizing. Joel Garry picked up on it and described it as “a code word for ‘sloppy programming.’” Second, if you read my final paragraph, you might have noticed that I used the term “waterfall” to describe one method for producing bad writing. Waterfall is a reliable method for producing bad computer software too, in my experience, and for exactly the same reason. Whenever I disparage “waterfall,” I’m usually thinking fondly of “agile,” which I consider to be “waterfall’s” opposite.

it didn't work ...

I did manage to publish a link to this blog post, 'Releasing early is not always good? Heresy!' at about 3:00 am on Jan 1st. The plan was that I'd close out 2009 by getting the last few posts related to Agile design off of my mind so I could start 2010 ready to return my focus to measurement. Fail.I woke up late that morning, drank my coffee and thought about problems in the design and

user centered design

It's the day before the new year and I have two topics related to development that I am hoping to complete today to wrap up 2009. Then I plan to refocus this blog on its originally intended topic - measurement. I can't promise not to wander off topic again but I will do my best.A few weeks ago, Cary Millsap sent me a link to The Fable of the User-Centered Designer. It's short and an enjoyable

a long overdue thank you

The past year has been well, many words come to mind but let's go with challenging. It's also been interesting, frustrating, enlightening, exhausting, but right about now, it feels like it was a very, very good year. Those of you that have read through the previous posts will remember that, right around the time I left for the Miracle Oracle Open World conference in October of 2008, I was

a public apology

I think I've mentioned this somewhere on my blog before, but last year right before I left for the Miracle Oracle Open World conference, I found myself unexpectedly responsible for a new system. Up until that point, I was working in an 'advisory' role for the project - available to answer questions, offer guidance, etc. I had no authority to direct the work, it was just assumed that the other

on the importance of being agile

If you're expecting something in favor Agile development, you're on the wrong blog. You'll notice that my 'agile' uses a little 'a' - I'm referring to the adjective agile, defined on as: 1. Characterized by quickness, lightness, and ease of movement; nimble. 2. Mentally quick or alert: an agile mind.or in the Merriam-Webster dictionary: 1 : marked by ready ability to move with

on the importance of a good data model ...

An article written by Bert Scalzo was published in Information Management this week. The topic is 'Is Data Modeling Still Relavant?': it's short, to the point and well worth reading.The article doesn't recommend a specific tool, it simply recommends the practice of capturing a model of the data at rest (old school approach) in addition to the newer techniques that focus on capturing the data in