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Just a couple of announcements:

1. I had the message already a couple of days added to the "Upcoming Public Appearances" sidebar on the right hand side of this page, now the official home page is available and registration open for the "CBO Days" at Trivadis 11th and 12th December in Zurich.

Join Mohamed Zait (Manager of the Query Optimizer Group at Oracle), Maria Colgan (Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle), Jonathan Lewis, Jože Senegačnik, Christian Antognini and myself for two days fully focused on the Cost-Based Optimizer. You will not only learn about the history and present, but also the future of this very important Oracle Database component.

2. Oracle University is going to organize my one day master class "Mastering Parallel Execution" from December on.

DOAG 2012

This year again I'm going to present at the DOAG 2012 conference in November. Since it is a popular topic I decided to talk about "Cost-Based Optimizer Basics" there, too. According to the official schedule the presentation will take place on Thursday, the 22nd of November, "Raum 1" at 13:00.

Like last year, I'll also try to do some Unconference sessions in addition - if it is going to take place, which I don't know yet.

I'll post some updates as soon as I know more details.

Free Webinar

In a couple of days, on Wednesday, 1st of August, I'll be presenting another free webinar hosted at

Although it is called "Oracle Cost-Based Optimizer Advanced Session", don't be mislead by the title.

It is not a truly "advanced" session, but rather I'll try to delve into various topics that I could only mention briefly or had to omit completely during the first webinar on the Cost-Based Optimizer.

In principle it's going to be a selection of the most recurring issues that I come across during my consultancy work:

- I'm going to spend some time on statistics and histograms in particular and what I believe are the most important aspects to understand regarding them

E4 2012 Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo (Blue Jean)

I’m very pleased to have been invited to speak at the E4 2012 Enkitec Exadata Expo to be held in Dallas, USA on 13-14 August. It’s basically the first ever conference that’s dedicated exclusively to Oracle’s exciting Exadata platform. It should be a fabulous event, featuring some of the best Oracle talent going around, including Jonathan Lewis, Tanel [...]

Friendly Reminder - Free Webinar

This is just a friendly reminder that tomorrow my free Webinar on Cost-Based Optimizer Basics will take place at

(Virtual) Public Appearances - Free Webinars

I'll be presenting at two upcoming webinars:

1. "Oracle Cost-Based Optimizer Basics" hosted by on Wednesday, 11th April 2012 16:00 (UK Time).

In this session I'll explain the key concepts that influence the decisions of the Oracle Cost-Based Optimizer most. If you want to understand the key concepts about how to write efficient queries and why the optimizer sometimes might not come up with a reasonable execution plan, then this session is for you.

Note that the webinar is free and registrants will receive a recording afterwards. Here is the link to the official landing page. Thanks to for hosting this session.

Here is an abstract of the session:

I've been asked and agreed to contribute to "", a service set up by RedGate software for Oracle users.

I'll publish there complete articles not found on my blog and also sometimes just links to my blog. Furthermore I also plan to contribute some webinars, so stay tuned. In the meanwhile you may want to have a look at the archived video material already available where you for example can watch webinars featuring Cary Millsap and others.

Whereas on my blog I often focus on highlighting edge cases my articles and webinars on are more targeted towards explaining fundamentals.

Public Appearances

I've just got the confirmation that I have been accepted as speaker for the HotSOS Symposium 2012 in March next year, therefore I post here a quick update on my upcoming public appearances:

Next week the DOAG conference 2011 (Nürnberg, Germany) will begin. It's an impressive conference with a large number of tracks, although a lot of them are not database-centred.

Nevertheless it's certainly one of the conferences to go if you speak German and are interested in Oracle database technology (or the ever increasing range of Oracle technology in general).

IBM’s Adwords Typo…

I guess IBM have been buying Oracle related Adwords as part of their marketing campaign. If you go on any Oracle sites using Adsense, you might see this advert doing the rounds.

If you are trying to discredit a competitor, the least you could do is spell their name correctly. I’ll put that down as a #fail for IBM… :)



Public Appearances

Here is a short summary of my forthcoming public appearances:

  • 7th April: I'll be doing a one-day seminar in Switzerland on performance troubleshooting. This is loosely based on the Chapters 8 and 9 of the "Expert Oracle Practices" book that I have co-authored. If you want to get an idea of some of the details covered you can have a look at the material of my corresponding presentation. Of course the seminar will go much deeper than the presentation, since we'll spend a whole day on troubleshooting. This is being organized by Oracle University as part of their "Celebrity Seminar" program. You can find the details and booking options here.