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12c New Features

Common Users & SYSDBA with #Oracle 12c Multitenancy

A 12c multitenant database introduces the new concept of local users and common users. This article shows simple use cases why DBAs may want to create common users – in contrast to the common users that are created automatically, like SYS, SYSTEM, MDSYS etc.

A typical requirement is to have a superuser other than SYS, but with the same power. Like the common user C##_SYS in the picture below.

Or suppose we have many pluggable databases (PDBs) and different superusers responsible for different PDBs like C##_ADMIN1 and C##_ADMIN2:

Online Move of Datafiles for Pluggable Databases

From my present Oracle Database 12c New Features course in Zürich: We have introduced the handy new functionality that you can move datafiles online in 12c. That is at first glance having an issue for pluggable databases:


Speed up Import with TRANSFORM=DISABLE_ARCHIVE_LOGGING in #Oracle 12c

A very useful 12c New Feature is the option to suppress the generation of redo during Data Pump import. I was talking about it during my recent 12c New Features class in Finland and like to share that info with the Oracle Community here. My usual demo user ADAM owned a table named BIG with one index on it. Both were in LOGGING mode when I exported them. The Data Pump export did not use any 12c New Feature and is not shown therefore.