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11g New Features

Indexes: Oracle11g New Features Presentation (Get Back)

I’m in the early stages of compiling an Oracle12c Indexes New Features presentation so I thought I might make available the 11g version I’ve presented previously at Oracle OpenWorld and InSync conferences: Enjoy

Oracle11g: Analyze Table Validate Structure Cascade “FAST” (Slow Burn)

I always take notice when Oracle introduces a new “FAST” option, so it was with some excitement when I first noticed in Oracle 11g Rel 1 there was a new FAST option when running the ANALYZE TABLE CASCADE VALIDATE STRUCTURE command.   This was described in the manuals as introducing a hashing scheme that was significantly [...]

Oracle11g: Zero Sized Unusable Indexes Part II (Nathan Adler)

In my previous post, I discussed how Oracle from 11g R2 onwards will automatically drop the segment and associated storage from unusable index objects. Mohamend Houri asked in the comments section the excellent question of just how useful this feature will be in real life cases when typically indexes are not left in an unusuable state for a [...]

Oracle11g: Zero Sized Unusable Indexes (Zeroes)

Following on from my previous discussion on “Create On Demand” segments, Oracle 11g R2 has also introduced storage saving initiatives in relation to useable indexes.  Starting with a simple Oracle 10g example, we create a table and associated index:        If we now make the index unusable:        We notice that [...]

Oracle11g Creation On Demand Indexes (Invisible Touch)

Prior to Oracle11g Release 2, the default and minimum size of a segment is one extent. So in the below example, where we create a table and five associated indexes:     Each of the segments has been allocated an extent, including each of the indexes.   However, since Oracle11g Release 2, this default behaviour has changed. [...]

Oracle11g IGNORE_ROW_ON_DUPKEY_INDEX Hint (Micro Cuts)

An interesting new hint was introduced in Oracle11g which provides an alternative approach when inserting data where duplicate values might be an issue.   To illustrate, I’m going to create a little table with just the 10 rows with a unique ID column containing values 1 – 10 policed by a Unique index:     If [...]

11g Virtual Columns and Fast Refreshable Materialized Views (What In The World)

Previous to Oracle 11g Rel 2, two very common and useful features previously worked well together, they being fast refreshable materialized views and the introduction of virtual columns due to the creation of function-based indexes.   To illustrate, we create and populate a little demo table:    We now create a simple little function-based index:     [...]

ACT Oracle User Group Seminar Session: 2 June 2010

Just a short note for anyone near the Canberra region that the next ACT Oracle User Group Seminar Session will be held next Wednesday, 2 June 2010 at the Oracle Offices in Turner. I’ll be presenting “Indexing New Features and Improvements Introduced in Oracle 11g Release 1 & 2″. Follow the above link for the full agenda. [...]

Thank you for

Thank you for all those who attended my webcast today on SQL Plan Management for All India Oracle User Group. It was a privilege to present before you and to be able to address your questions. I am sorry I couldn;t read all the questions properly; since it was extremely difficult to see the questions scrolling up in the tiny chat window. Also, as the webcast was designed, I couldn't hear anything the attendees were saying.

The presentation and the associated SQL scripts are available here. The article I referred to can be found here.

If you have a question regarding that specific webcast, please post a comment here and I will address it here. Please, limit your questions to the material discussed in the webcast only.

OOW09 Session#4 DBA 11g New Features

For all those who came to my last of my four sessions - 11g New Features for DBAs - I appreciate your taking the time. It was a pleasant surprise to see about 500 people showing up at a lunch time slot on the last day of the conference.

Here is the presentation link. I hope you enjoyed the session and found it useful.