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January 2019

Techdays Belgium

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Thu, 2019-02-07 - Fri, 2019-02-08

2 Fabulous tracks!

Get your pick out of Database Tech or Devops.


2018-what grabbed your attention

Here are the blog posts that you hit on most this year, with the most viewed entry on top. Unsurprisingly it is about the release of 18c, but interestingly the ORA-14758 and the Active Sessions post have come up again from last years list, so it appears they are still common issues for the modern Oracle professional. And of course, it is nice to see that my Openworld Mega-download is helping the community.

Thanks for supporting the blog, and as always, there will be more content next year !

Data Guard gap history

V$ARCHIVED_LOG has a lot of information, and one that is interesting in a Data Guard configuration is APPLIED, which a boolean, or rather a VARCHAR2(3) YES/NO as there are no booleans in Oracle SQL. But I would love to see a DATE or TIMESTAMP for it. As a workaround, here is a little AWK script that parses the standby alert.log to get this information. And join it with V$ARCHIVED_LOG.COMPLETION_TIME to see if we had gaps in the past between the archived logs and applied ones.

Oracle listener static service hi-jacking

We must be careful about the services that are registered to a listener because the user connects to them with a good idea of the database she wants to connect to, but another database or PDB can dynamically register a service with the same name, and then get the connections which were expected another destination. Of course, as a security best practice, user/password should not be the same in different databases, but what if the connection is done by a common user in multitenant? By creating a service, you can hi-jack the connections to CDB$ROOT and have them connected to your PDB.

You may think that static registration (the SID_LIST_LISTENER in listener.ora) is a solution, especially with the (STATIC_LISTENER=TRUE) introduced in 12cR2, but this defines only the target instance. The PDB is resolved dynamically.

Women in Tech Book and Upcoming SQL Saturday Events

Its been a busy holiday for me. Tim and I spent the days traveling since the weekend after Christmas until January 2nd moving the RV from California to Texas. I’m not the biggest fan of the Southwest- I just like green and water too much… </p />

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