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April 2018

New day….new month….New AskTOM

It’s a big day here at AskTOM HQ !

After IoT, IoP makes its way to the database

At each new Oracle version, I like to check what’s new, not only from the documentation, but also from exposed internals. I look (and sometimes diff) on catalog views definitions, undocumented parameters, and even the new C functions in the libraries. At last Oak Table World, I was intrigued by this V$SQLFN_METADATA view explained by Vit Spinka when digging into the internals of how execution plans are stored. This view has entries with all SQL functions, and a VERSION column going from ‘V6 Oracle’ to ‘V11R1 Oracle’. The lastest functions has an ‘INVALID’ entry and we also can see some functions with ‘SQL/DS’. Well, now that we have Oracle 18c on the Oracle Cloud, I came back to this view to see if anything is new, listing the highest FUNC_ID at the top and the first row attired my attention: