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March 2016

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Is a year a leap year ?

This post seems timely given that yesterday was Feb 29. 

In almost every case I can think of, you should be relying on native Oracle date functions to perform any kind of date arithmetic.

This is perhaps one of the very very few exceptions Smile

SQL> set timing off
SQL> create or replace
  2  function is_leap_year1(y number) return boolean is
  3    x date;
  4  begin
  5    x := to_date('2902'||y,'ddmmyyyy');
  6    return true;
  7  exception
  8    when others then return false;
  9  end;
 10  /

Function created.

SQL> create or replace
  2  function is_leap_year2(y number) return boolean is
  3  begin
  4    return mod(y,4)=0 and ( mod(y,100) != 0 or mod(y,400) = 0 );
  5  end;
  6  /

Function created.


Loading LOB from a file

I observed this idiosyncracy recently when loading some lob from external files using PL/SQL:

First we’ll create a file to be loaded, and ‘wc’ tells us it is 75 bytes in size 

SQL> !echo "This is line 1" > /tmp/lobfile
SQL> !echo "This is line 2" >> /tmp/lobfile
SQL> !echo "This is line 3" >> /tmp/lobfile
SQL> !echo "This is line 4" >> /tmp/lobfile
SQL> !echo "This is line 5" >> /tmp/lobfile
SQL> !wc /tmp/lobfile
       5      20      75 /tmp/lobfile

Then create a standard routine to load it into the database