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December 2015

WordPress 4.4

WordPress 4.4 has landed. As usual, early on you will need to manually initiate the auto-update. I’m guessing in a day or so it will just happen by itself.

I did the update on 5 installations and all went through with no dramas. There will no doubt be a slew of updates over the next few days, which is pretty common after a big release. The auto-update feature means you can take the lazy approach and just let it do its thing. :)




Safeguarding Your Domain

Brand identity from a domain name is valuable. Small organizations with volunteer-built websites risk damage to their brand and loss of audience due to misunderstanding the nature of Internet domain names and how to manage them. Those responsible for the Internet presence of such organizations should take pains to understand that domain names are long-term assets to be protected in order to safeguard the organization’s identity on the Internet.

Losing the Asset

One scenario is that a small organization stands up a website and invests in promoting their domain name – to get visitors to their home page – only to lose control over that domain name for one or a combination of reasons:

  • The site is moved to a new provider and the old name is left behind

  • There is a lack of understanding that a name can point to the new site

  • The old provider makes it difficult to assume control of the name

Safeguarding Your Domain

Brand identity from a domain name is valuable. Small organizations with
volunteer-built websites are often at risk for losing control over their
names. Protect your organization's name by treating...

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HOWTO: Building a JSON Database API (4)

While preparing the demo for my presentation tomorrow at the UKOUG Tech14 conference, I noticed…

The Cloud : They took our jobs!

The title is of course inspired by “They took our jobs!” from South Park.

I’ve been doing some cloud-related talks recently and a pretty regular question is, “How is this going to affect my job as a [DBA | Sysadmin]?”

My answers usually include some of the following points.

UKOUG Tech15 : Monday

ukoug-tech15-speakerAs mentioned the other day, my first day at UKOUG Tech15 was a rather brief affair. I just popped in during an extended lunch break to present, then it was straight back to work.

Toad World

Avoiding Regret

After working for a variety of companies in the 1980s, after working for Oracle in the 1990s, after trying (and failing) to build a company with friends at the turn of the century, and after more than a decade working as an independent consultant in this new century, I found myself in a professional dilemma last year.

I know I need to work at least another ten years, probably more like fifteen years, to be able to retire.  I had survived the nastiest economic downturn since the Great Depression, the Great Recession of 2008-2011, while self-employed, and felt ready to take on the economic upswing, so I was confident that I could work steadily as an independent Oracle performance tuning consultant for the next 15 years or more.

Problem was: I was getting bored.

UKOUG Tech15 : See you there.

ukoug-tech15-speakerUKOUG Tech15 Super Sunday is underway. The Sunday event always coincides with my nephew’s Birthday celebration, so I never get to attend. You’ve got to get your priorities straight. :)

This year I’ll be presenting two sessions: