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May 2014

DBA Kevlar is BACK!! :)

So back at the end of the EM CAB, I’d received an email stating I had an over-sized database and too many hits to continue on Go Daddy as the host for my website.  I called into tech support to understand what options I had, but was never told that I had any option but leaving Go Daddy as my hosting service.  I was told I had two weeks per the email, but asked for three and was told on the phone that wasn’t a problem.  I then did some research a

5 Databases issues that are costing you time and money

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Companies rely on applications to supply the information that business uses to make decisions that generate revenue.

Oracle Midlands : Event #4 – Registration Open

Registration has opened for the Oracle Midlands Event #4 on Monday July 14th.

This event includes a session on “Designing Efficient SQL” by Jonathan Lewis as well as lightning talks by Jonathan Lewis, Richard Harrison, Salih Oztop, Patrick Hurley and Martin Widlake.

Oracle Midlands : Event #3 Summary

I really enjoyed Oracle Midlands Event #3 last night. Christian Antognini spoke on “12c Adaptive Query Optimization” and “Row Chaining and Row Migration Internals”. I certainly learnt a lot, which is the whole point of this stuff!

After the event a few of us went across to a local pub and the geek talk continued. Cool++.

Thanks very much to Christian for coming all that way to speak to us. Thanks to those good people at Reg Gate for sponsoring the event. Thanks also to the Oracle ACE Program for letting Christian come to visit us. :)

The next event is on Monday 14th July. Hope to see you there!

How to get dreadful database performance

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I love this video on “getting dreadful database performance” by Stephane Faroult.
The video is hilarious and informative:

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Writing SQL Right - May 20 webinar wrap-up

Thanks to everyone for attending today's Writing SQL Right webinar sponsored by Embarcadero. For attendees, Embarcadero will send out a link via email to the recording and PDF of the presentation, but I also wanted to post it here.

Presentation PDF
Webinar recording

Thanks again and stay tuned for additional webinars coming soon!

Changing Teams

Finally it’s official! I have started in a new role at Oracle, combining many years of work in both the database and Enterprise Manager arenas to being a database architect in the Database as a Service group in Enterprise Manager Product Management. My new role involves being the social presence for the group, both virtually […]

SQL*Plus Procedures and Password Encryption

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Ignoring Hints

Does Oracle ignore hints – not if you use them correctly, and sometimes it doesn’t ignore them even when you use them incorrectly!

Here’s an example that I’ve run on and

create table t1
with generator as (
	select	--+ materialize
		rownum id
	from dual
	connect by
		level <= 1e4
	rownum			id,
	rownum			n1,
	rpad('x',100)		padding
	generator	v1

		ownname		 => user,
		tabname		 =>'T1',
		method_opt	 => 'for all columns size 1'

create index t1_i1 on t1(id);
alter index t1_i1 unusable;

select n1 from t1 where id = 15;
select /*+ index(t1 (id)) */ n1 from t1 where id = 15;

Any guesses about the output from the last 4 statements ?

HA of Database Control for RAC made easy

When you install an 11g RAC database without Grid Control respectively Cloud Control present, this is what the DBCA will give you:

RAC_dbconsole1There is one Database Control OC4J Container only, running on host01. Should host01 go down, the Enterprise Manager is no longer available now. We could make that a resource, known to the clusterware and let it failover in that case. But also – and even easier – we can start a second OC4J Container to run on host02 simultaneously like this: