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October 2013

PFCLScan Version 1.3 Released

We released version 1.3 of PFCLScan our enterprise database security scanner for Oracle a week ago. I have just posted a blog entry on the PFCLScan product site blog that describes some of the highlights of the over 220 new....[Read More]

Posted by Pete On 18/10/13 At 02:36 PM

EMCLI Rel 3, Post 1

So as the book gets under way on the Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface, (EMCLI) I’m starting to move away from the introduction statements that I commonly was required to repeat to folks, (“it’s the return to the golden age of the DBA 1.0- command line, baby!” :)) and now are onto what has changed in release 3.

Quiz Night

The following output is the result of two immediately consecutive SQL statements (with “set echo on”), and nothing else happening to the database.

Cloudera Certified Developer for Hadoop (CCDH)

Happy Hadoop

Taking the Cloudera Developer Training for Apache Hadoop had many rewards — one of which was a free voucher to take the CCD-410 Exam (normally $295) which you must pass to get CCDH certified. I’m not sure if that’s a Cloudera University or Global Knowledge thing, but either way it was definitely a bonus.

Virtual date partitions

I posted this question on twitter earlier on today (It was a thought that crossed my mind during a (terrible) presentation on partitioning that I had to sit through a few weeks ago – it’s always possible to be prompted to think of some interesting questions no matter how bad the presentation is, though):

Quiz: if you create a virtual column as trunc(date_col,’W') and partition on it – will a query on date_col result in partition elimination?

The answer is yes – on the version of Oracle that I happened to have to hand (12c) the next time I had a few minutes spare. Here’s a quick and dirty demo – with data adjusted to the publication date, so you may need to adjust the code to your current date.

Hash Clusters – 3

This note is a quick summary of an oddity that came to light after a twitter conversation with Christian Antognini yesterday. First a little test script to get things going:

Oracle VirtualBox 4.3 Released

Oracle VirtualBox 4.3 has been released. The downloads and changelog are in the usual places.

There is a nice write-up about the new features here.

So do I upgrade just before the Nordic Tour, or be boring and play safe until after I get back? :)



Databases for every developer like source code?

Three part post


The simple truth is that databases can’t be given to every developer like source code.

Abstracts, Reviews and Conferences, Oh My!

So yes, I’ve been involved in a number of conferences and in a number of different roles.  I started out presenting, then volunteering  at conferences,  reviewing abstracts, then as a track lead and now as a conference director for RMOUG.  This year I also am the database track lead for ODTUG’s KSCOPE for a second year in a row.