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January 2013

Determine VMWare ESX version from Linux as guest OS

Recently I was asked to look at a virtual (linux) system which needed to be moved to a new datacenter. If you want to determine if you are on VM Ware, you can use either lspci or dmidecode. A little searching on the internet revealed it’s reasonably easy to determine the version of VMWare ESX using the BIOS Information:

case $( dmidecode | grep -A4 "BIOS Information" | grep Address | awk '{ print $2 }' ) in
"0xE8480" ) echo "ESX 2.5" ;;
"0xE7C70" ) echo "ESX 3.0" ;;
"0xE7910" ) echo "ESX 3.5" ;;
"0xE7910" ) echo "ESX 4"   ;;
"0xEA550" ) echo "ESX 4U1" ;;
"0xEA2E0" ) echo "ESX 4.1" ;;
"0xE72C0" ) echo "ESX 5"   ;;
"0xEA0C0" ) echo "ESX 5.1" ;;
* ) echo "Unknown version: "
dmidecode | grep -A4 "BIOS Information" 


Basisregistraties Adressen en Gebouwen – Het importeren van Kadaster BAG data in een Oracle Database

Vorig jaar heb ik behoorlijk wat vragen gekregen over of er een tool was, een methodiek, om BAG data van het Nederlandse Kadaster in een Oracle database te krijgen voor allerlei doeleinden. Basisregistraties Adressen en Gebouwen (BAG) data wordt onder andere uitgeleverd door het Kadaster in XML bestanden waarin alle Kadaster gegevens zijn vastgelegd. Deze …

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New Exadata Prototype

I got a look a new prototype for the next generation Exadata last week while doing some work with a company in Europe. Apparently there is a big push to be environmentally friendly there now and so Oracle is trying to come up with a model that uses less power and is biodegradable. The word on the street is that it won’t be available until after release 2 of the 12c database.

The new model has a few drawbacks though. For one thing, it only lasts a few weeks before you must either replace it or higher some rocket surgeon consultants to come in and tune it. From the early version of the prototype I saw, it does appear to be smaller and more tasty than previous models though.



FRM-92095: Oracle Jnitiator version too low - patch fix for Forms

It seems pigs can fly.


I must admit I had a few doubts if there would ever be a patch that would fix the FRM-92095 on Forms 10g when running Java plugin 1.7.x.

But here we are - almost a year later and there is a patch for Forms 10g. It seems the patch is already available since November 21 2012. I only picked up on it because of this blogpost by Steve Chan stating Forms bundle patch 2 is now certified with EBS12. 

Bundle patch 2 is patch number 14825718 and one of the bug fixes is :


The patch is basically an opatch which copies new libraries and jar files to your system including a new frmall.jar. It's available for all platforms and is only about 7.5MB.


Dune Messiah…

Dune Messiah is the second in the Dune series written by Frank Herbert.

I got a few warnings from people that the sequels to the original book were not so good. I have to admit it lacks the direction and thrust of the first book, but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. In fact I actually quite enjoyed it. It does ramble a bit at times, but it was nice to see some of the other characters getting fleshed out a bit.

This book and the next book, Children of Dune, were combined into the Children of Dune TV mini series. Having seen that, I’m expecting Children of Dune to be a bit random. We shall see. :)



EXCHANGE PARTITION those pesky columns


Here is my partitioned table

SQL> desc PAR
Name                          Null?    Type
—————————– ——– ————
X                                      NUMBER(38)
Y                                      NUMBER(38)

and it has a couple of partitions

SQL> select partition_name
  2  from   dba_tab_partitions
  3  where  table_name = ‘PAR’;


So now I want to do the standard operation of creating a ‘template’ table which I can then use to perform an exchange partition operation.

SQL> create table EXCH as
  2  select * from PAR
  3  where 1=0;

Table created.

Webinar - Understanding Oracle Optimizer Statistics

Embarcadero is sponsoring another Oracle Community webinar on January 29  (rescheduled) February 5 conducted by yours truly. Register for Understanding Oracle Optimizer Statistics and join me as I cover

Fedora 18 : The winner is MATE (so far)…

I’m a few days into Fedora 18 and I think I’ve come the the conclusion that the desktop that best suits *me* is MATE. The journey to this point has been a rather long and meandering one. Let’s cut it short and start at GNOME2.

Enkitec E4 2013

The 2nd annual Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo (E4) is coming your way August 5-6, 2013 at the Four Seasons Hotel & Resort in Irving, TX. Last year's inaugural event received rave reviews from participants and this year's event should be even better!

After the conference, stick around and join me for a 3-day SQL/Exadata Performance Intensive course. I'll be covering how to approach optimizing SQL in both Exadata and non-Exadata environments. We'll start with some fundamentals that apply to how to approach tuning SQL in general and then look at how your focus needs to shift to take advantage of Exadata specific features.

Find and follow Enkitec in your favorite social media outlet to keep up with E4 news and lots more.

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