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July 2012

Small Blog Anniversary…

I saw, while fiddling with this site that a small anniversary was in order. Although I started blogging, as an alternative keeping at bay hundreds of SQL and shell scripts, somewhere in 2004 on the site, this site came to light around the 1st of April in 2007, 5 plus years ago. Initially it

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OTN Tour of Latin America 2012: Travelling to Cali, Colombia…

The journey from Birmingham to Cali (Colombia) was very long!

It started with a quick flight across to Amsterdam and a 1.5 hour wait for my connection to Panama. The flight to Panama took about 11 hours. It wasn’t a bad flight, but it felt super-long because I knew it wasn’t the last flight of the day. I had a 4+ hour wait at Panama for the final flight to Cali.

Panama airport is pretty small and not really the place to hang around for 4 hours. Just about the only entertainment was watching the “junk in the trunk” that was on display everywhere. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it before. It seemed like everywhere I looked was something that made Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce look like they had flat asses…

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Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12.1 – Agent Installation, Issues and Solutions

Currently busy for a client to install and configure Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c for database and more administration across the globe. These environments were configured and setup by a different 3rd party so not always follow our wishes and administration guidelines. You can imagine that such environments are also a neat environments regarding learning curves

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XMLTYPE datatype and ORA-22992

Anton has a small but informative post on LOB handling across database links and avoiding a possible ORA-22992. I was not sure if XMLTYPE’s, CLOB based storage or Binary XML (Securefile) storage had the same limitations and/or in need of possible workarounds. So the best way to be sure is of course too just to

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Get a feel for enterprise block level replication using drbd

I didn’t really have a lot of exposure to block-level replication on the storage level before an engagement in the banking industry. I’m an Oracle DBA, and I always thought: why would I want to use anything but Oracle technology for replicating my data from one data centre to another? I need to be in control! I want to see what’s happening. Why would I prefer storage replication over Data Guard?

Putting SLOB (The Silly Little Oracle Benchmark) To Use For Knowledge Sake!

This is just a short blog entry here to refer folks interested in SLOB to the following links:

About SLOB:  Introducing SLOB – The Silly Little Oracle Benchmark

Birthday and OTN Tour of Latin America…

Tomorrow (Monday) is my Birthday and also the day I fly out to Colombia to start the OTN Tour of Latin America. On the positive side, the timezone changes make my birthday last quite a few hours longer. On the negative side, I’m going to spend 14 hours in a plane and 8 hours in airports. Good job I don’t really do Birthdays…. :)