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October 2011

The UKOUG 2011 Conference: OakTable Sunday !

Do I need to say more………. Why not join us for OakTable day on Sunday 4th December? In a smaller setting, you can attend a dedicated set of sessions directly from a selection of OakTable members away from any potential session contention of the main conference. The sessions will be presented in just two streams, …

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The tale of restoring the OCR and voting files on Linux for RAC

As part of a server move from one data centre to another I enjoyed working in the depths of Clusterware. This one has been a rather simple case though: the public IP addresses were the only part of the package to change: simple. One caveat though was the recreation of the OCR disk group I am using for the OCR and 3 copies of the voting file. I decided to reply on the backups I took before the server move.

Once the kit has been rewired in the new data centre, it was time to get active. The /etc/multipath.conf file had to be touched to add the new LUNs for my +OCR disk group. I have described the processes in a number of articles, for example here:

A few facts before we start:

OOW2011 B.P. (Before Presentation)

This year's OOW was definitely a game of two halves for me ... before and after my presentation ... so here is the first part.

I remember bemoaning the fact that the availability of Twitter would kill conference blogging and whining about those who couldn't be bothered to produce blog posts at conference so, sure enough, the disease infected me too and I ended up tweeting like a hyperactive child (@orcldoug) and producing one pathetic attempt at a blog post. I did try to start blog posts, but it's difficult and pretty rude during presentations and time outside of presentations is severely limited because of all the time spent catching up with people and ... erm ... polishing my slides. I suppose I could blog mid-conversation but I don't see that working!

iOS 5 on my iPad1…

I’ve just put iOS 5 on my iPad, who wants to touch me?

It took about 30 minutes in total, but I’ve heard some on Twitter saying it took them 3 hours. The update does a full backup and restore, so I guess the more stuff you have on your iPad or iPhone, the longer it takes.

What has changed? Still hasn’t turned it into a white iPad 2… :)

For the casual user like me it seems pretty much the same. I only use the browser and play the odd little game, so I guess I’m not the person to ask about the life-changing nature of iOS 5. :)



Exadata Smart Flash Logging Explained

I’ve seen some posts on the blogosphere where people attempt to explain (or should I say guess) how Exadata Smart Flash Logging works and most of them are wrong. Hopefully this post will help clear up some the misconceptions out there.

The following is an excerpt from the paper entitled “Exadata Smart Flash Cache Features and the Oracle Exadata Database Machine” that goes into technical detail on the Exadata Smart Flash Logging feature.


If you are not logged on as a WordPress user you are likely to see adverts posted at the end of each article you read. These ads are a source of income to WordPress for supplying the blogging service, and I’ve seen a note in the past that any one user should only see them occasionally.

I have noticed, however, that in recent weeks that some of the adverts, or the way the adverts are presented, give the impression that they are actually part of the article you are reading. This may be quite easy to spot if the advert is basically a bit of text with a URL, but when it’s nothing but a graphic of  words like “Play Now” it’s much less obvious.

Be aware, therefore, that if I publish a video link for you to play, you will see a comment in the preceding text that I have done so. If there’s no clue in the text about what you will see when if you press a “play” button, then it’s not a button I’ve supplied.



Reverse Job Advert 3

I think it's time to move on and it's worked twice before!

One of the reasons I love being a contractor is that I get to change clients, projects and directions when it feels right and that helps to keep me fresh. Stay in one place too long and I find it's too easy for me to become jaded personally. Once I start to feel like that, a new challenge always perks me up.

Therefore, if anyone knows of any interesting roles that might be coming up in the near future, please let me know. I have close to 18 months Exadata experience, both on the initial PoC and a very early Production implementation of V2 over a year ago which means I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly of what's still a relatively new platform. (Oh, and the fact I never blogged about it shows how discrete I can be!)

Exadata is only part of the story though and I have a wide range of experience so can take on most Oracle roles, although I suppose I specialise in performance as evidenced by the performance master-classes I taught for Oracle EMEA recently.

Although I like to have a bit of fun on this blog, you can trust that I'm a different person in professional situations and wish I could share some of the very positive management feedback I've had over the past few years. I need to find a way to communicate that when I re-write my cv without coming across as regarding myself too highly ;-) The cv rewrite will begin now, but hopefully anyone who is likely to read this knows enough about me already.

If nothing turns up, I wouldn't be too unhappy staying with my current main client and they have treated me very well over the past couple of years, so I'm just investigating the possibilities at this stage, but sometimes you just need to do what feels right for you and make things exciting again.

Oracle Database on Oracle Linux 6.1…

I mentioned the day before Open World I put a Virtual RAC on Oracle Linux 6.1 article live. Although the procedure was complete, some of the screen shots were from an old article as I didn’t have time to redo them before my flight. :) I’ve just run through the procedure again and taken new screen shots. As a result, I’ve allowed the article to display on the front page of the website, which is why you will see it listed as a new article there.

This kinda rounds out the whole Oracle on 6.1 stuff as there has been a single instance installation guide out for ages and more recently the Cloud Control installation, which references it.

Remember, it’s still not certified yet, but it’s coming.



A little more on Oracle OpenWorld...

I've already posted information on where to get my OpenWorld materials (see the comments for how to access the content for other sessions as well).  Now I'd like to invite you to listen in for more information as well.  I know both of the speakers - I've podcasted with Willie Hardie in the past and Mark Townsend is the guy I work for.

So, get the full recap on key Database product announcements from Oracle OpenWorld. And chat LIVE with Oracle Database VPs Willie Hardie and Mark Townsend. This exclusively online event is Oct 18/19 (two sessions). Register today:

UKOUG Annual Conference 2011, 5th - 7th Dec

Event date: 
Mon, 2011-12-05 - Wed, 2011-12-07