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June 2010

Stress Test

Here’s something you probably don’t want to say at the start of a public presentation: “Does anyone have a laptop I could borrow for the next 90 minutes.” I’ve just done my first ODTUG presentation – and everything I do runs under VMWare, which simply refused to start. I’m in my room now trying to [...]

The Oaktable oak table

The “Not a Problem” Problem and other related stuff

It’s been a while since I visited the Sun Video RSS feed and I found some interesting videos related to performance that are worth sharing and something you could watch over a big cup of coffee..

First is titled Performance: The “Not a Problem” Problem which I could also relate when doing performance analysis for example…


The following question came up in an email conversation a little while ago: Are you aware of any problems a large oltp site might have with running index coalesce during production hours, as opposed to doing index rebuilds in a maintenance window? The main overhead with index coalesce is that it generates a lot of [...]

Starting a Holiday (/Presentation) at #ODTUG

Time flies. Had a great weekend organizing an AMIS Query, an internal course with Doug Burns, looking at soccer games with Doug and Jacco and now already posting from a Marriott hotel room in Washington DC for some activities during #ODTUG

room / meanings

Its still a bit “quiet” (tons of elderly citizen though) in the Marriott hotel regarding conference meet-ups and/or other things, but met last night with Stanley, Debra, Alex, David (Mr. aPex) and for the first time with Sheeri (Kritzer Cabral) and her husband. Forgot his name (after 2 Guinness and pushing 36 hours “to get into the timezone”) but, man, can he draw cool “caricatures“. He had his own caricature book with him reflecting pictures of Magicians during a “Magicians Conference”, all signed by them and/or commented on. Great book/sketches and had a good laugh on how modern “Magicians” are nowadays that they have their annual conference as well…


I wish more people were aware of problems like this:  Error found on Internet! Filed under: humour

My favorite parts of today

Every night over dinner my daughter asks me "what was your favorite part of the day Momma"? Well, tonight I had several favorite things to share. My first favorite was that I found an Oracle bug that has to do with subquery factoring (I'm going to blog about this one soon). And my second favorite (well, it's really my *most* favorite) was spending some fun time at the beach with my kiddo. Looks like we had fun doesn't it?!?

RACSIG Webcast on June 24th Files

Thank you all those who attended my presentation - "Under the Hoods: Cache Fusion, GCS, GES and GRD". I hope you found it useful. Here are the demo scripts I used during the session, if you want to play with on your own system.

The actual presentation itself will most likely be available at a later date on the website.

Another SQL*Plus thing I learned...

In the past, when you exit SQL*Plus, it would always commit - there was an implicit "commit work" issued for you right before it would disconnect your session.

It has always been that way. It doesn't have to be that way anymore as of 11g Release 2.

There is a new exitcommit setting - it defaults to ON which is the way it has always worked. But now you can set it to OFF which implies that a rollback will be issued instead of commit.

Things change over time... If you rely on SQL*Plus committing upon exit - if you have a script that relies on that, bear in mind it is no longer "a fact", it is highly probable that SQL*Plus will commit when you exit - but not a sure thing like it used to be. Yet another new thing I learned while updating the book Expert Oracle Database Architecture. I was just reminded of it today while I was going over the proofs of the chapters...

See for details on exitcommit.

Troubleshooting Oracle Performance – Downloadable Files

This is just a short note to point out that I just uploaded a new version of the scripts related to TOP. The new ZIP is available through this page.
The change log is the following:

connect.sql [...]