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December 2009

Anydata and anytype in 9i

An introduction to generic types in Oracle 9i. October 2002 (updated July 2007)

The collect function in 10g

Using the new 10g COLLECT group function, including string aggregation. June 2004 (updated July 2008)

Binding in-lists in 10g

Alternative IN-list binding in 10g using the new MEMBER OF collection condition. June 2004 (updated September 2008)

Collection extensions in 10g

A brief overview of the new collection operators, functions and conditions in 10g. June 2004

Emulating string-to-table functionality using sql

Turning delimited strings into multiple records without PL/SQL. July 2005 (updated August 2007)

Row-generation without i/o

Methods for generating dummy data without incurring I/O costs. November 2004

Encapsulating bulk pl/sql exceptions

Using object features to encapsulate FORALL .. SAVE EXCEPTIONS error-handling. July 2007

Setting cardinality for pipelined and table functions

Various methods for setting accurate cardinality statistics for table/pipelined functions. June 2009

Dynamic sql enhancements in 11g

Oracle completes its dynamic SQL implementation for PL/SQL. February 2008 (updated June 2010)

"Optimizer Internals" - Celebrity Seminar in Netherlands

On June 15th 2010 I will be speaking about internals of the Cost Based Optimizer in Netherlands. This is a one day seminar organized by Oracle University which goes in details in some sections of the cost based optimization. The topics are related to hot themes for which people would like to get a good explanation. Here is a detailed table of contents.